Philippine Hsien Tiak Taoist Temple




 Filipino Chinese Taoist Temple


 Objective of Philippine Hsien Tiak Taoist Temple 

1) To promote the Upright Culture of Taoism & Buddhism

2) To cultivate a group of New Leaders for Taoism and Buddhist Teaching in Manila Philippines.

3) To provide the necessary assistances to the needy whenever is possible. 

Current On-going Events 

The current head and founder of Philippine Hsien Tiak Taoist Temple Master Co , is giving lectures and imparting the various Taoist Skills to those who are interested, willingly to learn and are able to promote the Culture of Taoism Uprightly. Besides that, Hsien Tiak Temple had been organizing field-trips to Temples, Meet-ups with Taoist People and visiting various Taoist Organizations. And also, doing Exchange-Programmes with Overseas Taoist Groups and Priests, in-order to increase the Knowledge of Taoism and understanding the Taoist Culture of different Countries. 



 Future Prospect 

1) To Set-up the First Official Taoist School in Manila Philippines that provide lectures of Upright Taoist Teaching & Knowledge, Folks Taoism's Culture Chinese Customs and Spiritual Skills. 
2) To send Local Taoists to Taiwan for Training on various Ancient Taoist Skills and Chanting. 

Yearly Celebration 

1) 1st Day of Lunar 1 Month: Yuan Shi Tian Zun's Manifestation Anniversary (Birthday) 

2) 9th Day of Lunar 1 Month: Yu Huang Da Tian Zun's Manifestation Anniversary (Birthday) 

3) 15th Day of Lunar 2 Month: Dao De Tian Zun's Manifestation Anniversary (Birthday) 

4) 5th Day of Lunar 5 Month: Ling Bao Tian Zun's Manifestation Anniversary (Birthday) 

5) 18th Day of Lunar 5 Month: Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling's Manifestation Anniversary (Birthday) 

Chinese New year celebration , Birthday of deities , Year end chanting etc. 






 Since 1978 Philippine Hsien Tiak Taoist Temple had been performing Taoist Rituals for Taoists, Chinese & Folks for gaining the necessary blessings from the Three Realms and Deities. 

Today, we are still performing the same tasks. 

First, we provide normal Chanting Rituals/Ceremonies for needy such as Sicks, Poor, Children, New Homes & Pass-on aka death (吉事祈福/過往齋事). 

Second, we provide Cleansing Ritual for New Homes, Vacant Premises and also People who have been encounting various Negative Entities (淨宅除穢科儀). 

Third, we provide Enhancing & Dotting Rituals/Ceremonies for New Statues, Temples & Homes (including Spiritual Objects/Weapons 開光安座科儀). 

Fourth, we provide Manifestation Anniversary (Birthday Respect) Rituals/Ceremonies for Deities and Spiritual Masters (三獻祝壽科儀/答謝神恩法會). 

Fifth, we provide Environmental Enhancing & Audition for People, Homes & Working Premises (環境氣場勘察). 

Last, we provide Consultation & inquiries on Chinese Religions, Chinese Customs and Taoist Rituals/Ceremonies (神明/科儀/民俗顧問). 

Due to the reason that we are not a Profit-making Taoist Organisation, we don’t expect People to make payment for our Services (only accept small tokens , angpao or donation ).